wow can you imagine

Imagine sneaking jimmy page into your room at night through your window and he starts a strip tease as soon as u shut the window behind him.

Imagine feeling jimmy pages curly hair on your inner thighs as he eats u out (I am so sorry)



Imagine Jimmy Page taking you out for a romantic boat ride for two out into the ocean, and as you see dolphins jumping about, he slips his hand into yours and presses his gentle lips against your cheek

Imagine Jimmy Page watching you adoringly as you marvel over a cute puppy

Imagine Jimmy Page going to McDonalds and getting a straw that David Bowie touched

Imagine Jimmy Page writing an Alistair Crowley tumblr fan fic.

ok but actually



Imagine current Jimmy Page trying on his dragon suit.

Imagine having a supernova of passion with Jimmy Page

a galaxy-outshining stellar explosion of passion


hey you yes you long time no see so basically this blog is dead and the only way it lives and thrives is off the submissions of you guys so if you have ideas please submit ok thank you!!!!

Imagine after a date that seems to have gone quite well, Jimmy Page accompanies you back home. In the cab, you talk about things, and laugh. Almost assuring a perfect night.

When you arrive, he escorts you up to the door. You pull out your keys to open the door, and fit them into the lock. Forgetting you manners, you almost turn your key and go inside without saying goodbye or even thanking Jimmy for a lovely evening. You turn quickly at your mistake to face him. His soft green eyes, dark curls surrounding his pale face, slight smile on his lips, he almost looked as if he was waiting for you to catch yourself forgetting him.

"I had a wonderful time tonight, maybe we could do it again some other time?" you murmur, breaking a slightly awkward silence.

"Of course! I’d love to." Jimmy smiles at your hesitation to say more.

You lean in to kiss him and as your lips meet, Jimmy wraps one arm around you loosely. Still with one warm hand on your keys, you refrain from a sloppy embrace…. But his strong fragrance of flowers, cigarette smoke, and tiny hint of alcohol pulls you in.  You grab him with your free arm, desperately fighting the urge to not let go. You pull away and open your door as quickly as you can. As you back away inside Jimmy is still leaning towards you, kissing you as much as he can to feed the desire he’s had for your lips all evening.

In the dark inside doorway of the house Jimmy’s hands grope the walls looking for the light switch. Stumbling upon it by pure luck, he switches it on and pulls his hand back down to hold your waist.

Obviously, your hands are now free from the burden of the door handle and keys. Grabbing his shoulder and touching his face with your other hand, you break away from him. Although you wanted the touch of his skin on yours, you didn’t want to……… well not on the first date.

Jimmy’s fingers run up and down your spine, making you shudder at every few light touches. Speaking in a whisper, you managed a few words. “You should really go.”

Jimmy stops and lightly touches your cheek, saying something like “I understand, sweetheart.” You’re not quite sure, he spoke so softly in his cute little English accent.

"Goodnight then. Will I see you tomorrow?" Jimmy inquires.

"Maybe." you reply in a soft tone, as if you really meant yes.

You thank him one more time for the evening, and for dinner. After that, Jimmy left.

Imagine Jimmy is kidnapping you now and you are doing dirty things and he saying: "You're my new Lori"


imagine if you are surrounded by a bunch of goons and then jimmy comes to the rescue with his guitar playing. he plays a deathly bad-ass note and they all fall to the ground and then you run to Jimmy and thank him. he looks into your eyes and you look into his and then you kiss so passionately making him play a beautiful melody as you kiss


This blog is the best thing since sliced bread. OMG i'm both dying and slowly falling in love with you, your crazy reaction photos and tags XD omg, bless you pretty lady.

i am cryin this is so nice of you i am so glad i can make people’s days happy! well also thanks to all the submissions this blog would not exist w/out all of them!!!

imagine seeing jimmy's hairy bells

so according to the internet and science there is a flower known as a hairy bell here it is


i am 1000% sure this is what you were talking about

Imagine lying in bed with Jimmy Page; your legs are intertwined, one of his hands is on your hip, fingers lingering down towards your thigh. His hips are up against your lower back, moving ever so slightly with each breath he takes. He gently tries to take his arm out from under your head+neck & it stirs you back to reality  for a moment. Just long enough for you to make Jimmy’s arm more comfortable… You both just lie therefor a little while, listening to each others breath until you fall asleep.